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Markets Never Forget

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Author : Ken Fisher, Lara Hoffmans
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ISBN 13 : 9788126533602
Pages : 240
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Long-time Forbes columnist, CEO of Fisher Investments, and 4-time New York Times bestselling author Ken Fisher shows how and why investors' memories fail them-and how costly that can be. More important, he shows steps investors can take to begin reducing errors they repeatedly make. The past is never indicative of the future, but history can be one powerful guide in shaping forward looking expectations. Readers can learn how to see the world more clearly-and learn to make fewer errors-by understanding just a bit of investing past.


The Plain-Old Normal

• Yes Sir, Sir John

• The Normal Normal

• The Jobless Recovery

• The Always Feared, Rarely Seen Double Dip

Fooled by Averages

• Bull Markets Are Inherently Above Average

• Viva the V

• Normal Returns Are Extreme, Not Average

• The Pause That Refreshes (and Confuses)

• Getting Average Returns Is Hard--Really Hard

Volatility Is Normal--and Volatile

• What the Heck Is Volatility?

• Volatility Is Volatile

• The Daily Grind

• Stocks Are Less Volatile Than Bonds?

• Economic Volatility--Also Normal

• Volatility Isn't Inherently Bad

• Never a Dull Moment

Secular Bear? (Secular) Bull!

• Seeing the World Through Bear- Colored Glasses

• Two Secular Bear Markets?

• Stocks--Up Vastly More Than Down

Debt and Deficient Thinking

• Deficits Aren't Bad, but Surpluses Will Kill You

• The History of Big Government Debt

• Just Who Is at Default Here?

Long- Term Love and Other Investing Errors

• No One Category Is Best for All Time

• Long- Term Love Is Like Long- Term Forecasting--Both Wrong

• It's Still Heat Chasing Even When It Seems Safe

• Use History to Your Advantage


• Enter the Ideology- Free Zone

• Your Party Isn't Better

• Presidents and Risk Aversion

• Perverse Inverse--It's Four and One

• Poli- Tics Go Global

• Poli- Tics Versus Entrepreneurs

It's (Always Been) a Global World, After All

• It's Always Been a Small World

• Seeing the World Right

• Conclusion




Ken Fisher is best known for his prestigious "Portfolio Strategy" column in Forbes magazine, where his over 25-year tenure of high-profile calls makes him the fourth longest-running columnist in Forbes's 90-plus year history. He is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fisher Investments, an independent global money management firm with over $32 billion under management (as of 6/30/10). Fisher is ranked #289 on the 2009 Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, and #721 on the 2010 Forbes Global Billionaire list. In 2010, Investment Advisor magazine named him as one of the 30 most influential individuals of the last three decades. Fisher has authored numerous professional and scholarly articles, including the award-winning article, "Cognitive Biases in Market Forecasting," and has published six previous books, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal bestsellers, The Only Three Questions That Count, The Ten Roads to Riches, How to Smell a Rat and Debunkery, all of which are published by Wiley. Fisher has been published, interviewed, and/or written about in many major American, British, and German finance or business periodicals. He has a weekly column in Focus Money, Germany's leading weekly finance and business magazine.


Lara Hoffmans is a content manager at Fisher Investments, a contributing editor of MarketMinder.com, and coauthor of the bestsellers, The Only Three Questions That Count, The Ten Roads to Riches, How to Smell a Rat, and Debunkery.

General business interest readers and individual investors.

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