Materials Science and Engineering

Kaushik Kumar, Apurba Kumar Roy, Nehal Dash

ISBN: 9789389583083

424 pages

INR 495


This book contains of five Sections with 13 Chapters in total and in each of these chapters the primary aim is to deliver the basic knowledge of the engineering materials. All topics are covered starting with Kinetics, thermodynamics & crystallographic aspects of engineering materials, the Atomic Structures and Bonding in solids, elaborates on the Structure of the Crystalline solids, Thermodynamics of Solids constitutes of discussion on Structure and Composition of the Phase Diagrams, Strengthening of material and at the last section takes into account the Economic, Environmental and the Social issues associated with the utilization of these Engineering Materials.


Section I: Kinetics, Thermodynamics & Crystallographic Aspects of Engineering Materials

  • Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bonding: Atomic Structure & Bonding in Solids
  • Structure of Crystalline Solids
  • Thermodynamics of Solids
  • MCQ For Section I


Section II: Properties & Strengthening of Engineering Materials

  • Mechanical Behavior of Solids & Properties of Materials
  • Strengthening of Engineering Materials
  • MCQ For Section II


Section III: Degradation & Failure of Engineering Materials

  • Degradation of Engineering Materials
  • Corrosion in Engineering Materials
  • Failure of Engineering Materials: Fatigue and Creep
  • MCQ For Section III


Section IV: Engineering Materials: Properties and Processing

  • Polymers, Glasses and Ceramics
  • Processing and Forming Operations of Materials
  • Engineering Materials
  • MCQ For Section Iv


Section V: Economic, Environmental & Social Aspects of Engineering Materials

  • Economic, Environmental and Social Issues of Material Usage


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