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A Textbook of Discrete Mathematics

Harish Mittal, Vinay Kumar Goyal, Deepak Kumar Goyal

ISBN: 9789389872828

INR 525


This book explains the basic principles of Discrete Mathematics and Structures in a clear systematic manner. A contemporary approach is adopted throughout the book. The book is divided in five sections. First section discusses Set Theory, Relations and Functions, Probability and Counting Techniques; second section is about Recurrence Relations and Propositional Logic; third section is related to Lattices and Boolean algebra; fourth section includes study of Graph and Trees and the last section is about Algebraic Structures and Finite State Machines.


Section 1: Sets

  • Relations and Functions
  • Techniques of Counting
  • Partial Ordering Relations
  • Discrete Probability

Section 2: Recurrence Relations

  • Logic

Section 3: Lattices

  • Boolean Algebra

Section 4: Graph Theory

  • Trees
  • Algebraic System
  • Finite State Machine




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