Anton/Bivens/Davis Calculus for KTU

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This book is an adaptation of 10th edition of the best-selling title, Calculus by Howard Anton, Irl Bivens and Stephens Davis. Noted for its expository style and clarity of presentation, this text presents an elementary treatment of the subject and addresses the changing needs of a new generation of students. The aim is to present the fundamentals of calculus in the clearest possible way - pedagogy being the main consideration. Prepared as per the syllabus of Kerala Technical University, this book emphasizes visualization of various topics to aid learning. After each section Illustrative Examples are provided taken from previous year KTU papers and Model papers.


1. Structure of an Atom

2. Periodic Table and Periodic Properties

3. Chemical Bonding

4. Coordination Compounds

5. Hydrogen and its Compounds

6. The s-Block Elements and their Compounds

  • Group 1 – The Alkali Metals
  • Group 2 – The Alkaline Earth Elements

7. The p-Block Elements and their Compounds

  • The Group 13 Elements
  • The Group 14 Elements
  • The Group 15 Elements
  • The Group 16 Elements – Chalcogens
  • The Group 17 Elements – The Halogens
  • The Group 18 Elements – Noble Gases

8. The d-Block Elements and Some of their Compounds

9. The f-Block Elements and Some of their Compounds

10. Metallurgy


Appendix A Abundance of the Elements in the

Earth's Crust

Appendix B Melting Points of the Elements

Appendix C Boiling Points of the Elements

Appendix D Densities of the Solid and Liquid Elements

Appendix E Electronic Structures of the Elements

Appendix F Some Average Single Bond Energies and Some Double and Triple Bond Energies

Appendix G Solubilities of Main Group Compounds in Water

Appendix H Atomic Weights Based on 12C = 12.

Appendix I Values of Some Fundamental Physical Constants

Appendix J Electrical Resistivity of the Elements at the Stated Temperature

Appendix K Hardness of Minerals – Mohs' Scale NEET-I 2016 Chemistry Paper (2016)



Howard Anton in the early 1960's he worked for Burroughs Corporation and Avco Corporation at Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he was involved with the manned space program. In 1968 he joined the Mathematics Department at Drexel University, where he taught full time until 1983. Since that time he has been an adjunct professor at Drexel and has devoted the majority of his time to textbook writing and activities for mathematical associations. Dr. Anton was president of the EPADEL Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), Served on the board of Governors of that organization, and guided the creation of the Student Chapters of the MAA.




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