Geometrical Drawing

Arun Vikram Kothapalli, Ratnam Chanamala, Vasudeva Rao Pampana

ISBN: 9789389872804

324 pages

INR 405


This book undertakes "step by step understanding of the projection concepts of 2- and 3-dimensional objects, with diagrammatical explanations" object, with diagrammatical explanations. The contents are developed in transition from basics of simple constructions of plane figures to complexity of the remaining chapters (3-dimensional objects) including the generalized approaches without compromising the connectivity through the chapters.

  1. Instruments, Geometrical Constructions and Scales 
  2. Curves
  3. Orthographic Projections and Projection of Points
  4. Projection of Straight Lines
  5. Projection of Planes
  6. Projection of Solids
  7. Sections of Solids
  8. Development of Surfaces
  9. Isometric Projections
  10. Perspective Projections



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