Graduate Engineering Mathematics

V.B.K. Vatti

ISBN: 9789390455133

1248 pages

INR 875


Graduate Engineering Mathematics is designed primarily as a textbook for the students of engineering and physical sciences. This book introduces concepts of mathematics such as Linear Algebra and Calculus, Numerical Methods, Series, Differential Equations, Transforms, Complex Analysis, Statistics, Probability and Linear Programming. This book will also be useful as a reference text to engineers and scientists. The book has seven parts comprising a total of 25 chapters. It contains as many as 644 worked examples and  more than 1250 exercise problems with answers.


Part I: Linear Algebra and Calculus

1. Matrices, Vectors and Eigenvalue Problems

2. Direct and Indirect Methods for Solving Linear Systems

3. Functions of Several Variables

4. Multiple Integrals and bG Functions

5. Vector Differential and Integral Calculus

6. Solid Geometry


Part II: Numerical Methods

7. Numerical Solution of Non-linear Equations

8. Interpolation

9. Numerical Differentiation and Integration

10. Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problems

11. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations


Part III: Series

12. Infinite Series

13. Fourier Series


Part IV: Differential Equations

14. Ordinary Differential Equations of First Order and Degree One to Higher Power

15.Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients

16. Series Solution of Differential Equations and Special Functions

17. Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications


Part V: Transforms

18. Laplace Transforms

19. Fourier Transforms

20. Difference Equations and Z-Transforms


Part VI: Complex Analysis

21. Complex Differentiation and Integration

22. Power Series, Mappings and Residue Integration

Part VII: Statistics, Probability and Linear Programming

23. Curve Fitting, Correlation and Regression

24. Probability, Sampling and Inference

25. Linear Programming





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