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Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Dr. J. Ravichandran

ISBN: 9788126523504

612 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 699


A comprehensive yet concise, the text is well-organized in 15 chapters that can be covered in a one-semester course. The text covers all important topics, emphasizing basic engineering and science applications. Assuming the knowledge of elementary calculus, all solved examples are real-time, well-chosen, self-explanatory and graphically illustrated that help students understand the concepts of each topic. Exercise problems and MCQs are given with answers. This will help students well prepare for their exams.


1. Probability Concepts

2. Random Variables and Distribution Functions

3. Expectation and Moment-Generating Function

4. Standard Discrete Distribution Functions

5. Some Standard Continuous Distribution Functions

6. Chebyshev’s Theorem and Limit Theorems

7. Two-Dimensional Random Variables

8. Transformation of One- and Two-Dimensional Random Variables

9. Theory of Estimation: Point Estimation and Minimum Risk Estimator

10. Theory of Estimation: Sampling Distributions and Interval Estimation

11. Simple Correlation and Regression

12. Analysis of Variance

13. Statistical Quality Control

14. Exploratory data analysis

15. Statistical Quality Control and Six Sigma Metrics

Appendix A Other Standard Distributions

Appendix B Standard Normal Table

Appendix C t-Table

Appendix D Chi-Square Table

Appendix E F-Table

Appendix F Duncan’s Test

Appendix G Control Chart Factors