Statistical Concepts and Methods

Gouri K. Bhattacharyya, Richard A. Johnson

ISBN: 9788126574476

656 pages

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INR 1465


A non-mathematical introductory statistics text that combines clear explanation of concepts, an extensive coverage of useful statistical techniques, and numerous illustrations with live data from diverse fields. Emphasizes assumptions and limitations of the statistical methods so that violations of assumptions can be avoided.

  • Introduction.
  • Descriptive Study of Data.
  • Elements of Probability.
  • Random Variables and Probability Distributions.
  • Distributions for Counts.
  • Basic Concepts of Testing Hypotheses.
  • The Normal Distribution and Random Samples.
  • Inferences about a Population.
  • Comparing Two Treatments.
  • Regression Analysis: Simple Linear Relation.
  • Regression Analysis: Model Checking and Multiple Linear Regression.
  • Correlation: A Measure of Linear Relationship.
  • Analysis of Categorized Data.
  • Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance.
  • Nonparametric Inference.
  • Sample Surveys.