Elements of Mechanical Vibration

R.N. Iyengar

ISBN: 9789389633344

INR 355


This is an entry level textbook to the subject of vibration of linear mechanical systems. All the topics prescribed by leading universities for study in undergraduate engineering courses are covered in the book in a graded manner. With minimum amount of mathematics, which is essential to understand the subject, theoretical aspects are described in each chapter. The theory is illustrated by several worked examples, which features will be found attractive by teachers and students alike. After a brief introduction to Fourier series in the first chapter, free and forced vibration of single degree-of-freedom systems with and without damping is developed in the next four chapters.

  • Fourier Series
  • Free Vibration
  • Damped Vibration
  • Forced Vibration: Harmonic Excitation
  • Forced Vibration: General Excitation
  • Two Degree-of-Freedom Systems
  • Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Systems
  • Vibration of Continuous Systems
  • Geared System, Whirling of Shafts, Critical Speed
  • Approximate Methods
  • Appendix: Measurement of Vibration
  • Biblography
  • Index



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