Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry: How Drugs Act and Why

Alex Gringauz

ISBN: 9788126528561

736 pages

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INR 1295


This work brigdges the compartmentalized undergraduate organic and biochemistry and biology subjects to the pharmacology and the clinical areas a modern pharmacy practice requires. The changes and constantly increasing responsibilities of today's pharmacist have dictated a restructuring of the pharmacy curriculum, including individual course content. This book reflects and addresses these developments. This is a well-written work that covers most major areas of pharmaceutical research. The text is presented in a logical and concise fashion being divided into chapters based upon therapeutic topic.


· Basic Considerations of Drug Activity.

· Mechanisms of Drug Action.

· Drug Metabolism and Inactivation.

· Anticancer Drugs and Their Mechanism of Action.

· Analgetics and Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents.

· Antimicrobial Drugs I. Antimicrobial Drugs II.

· Drugs Affecting Cholinergic Mechanisms.

· Drugs Affecting Adrenergic Mechanisms.

· Drugs and the Cardiovascular Diseases.

· Drugs and the Cardiovascular Diseases II.

· Psychoactive Drugs--Chemotherapy of the Mind.

· Histamine Antagonists and Local Anesthetics.

· Steroids.

· New Developments and New Problems.