Excel 2013 in Simple Steps

Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

ISBN: 9789351194057

304 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 449


Excel 2013 in Simple Steps will help you learn Excel 2013, a contemporary offering from Microsoft. The book provides precise yet complete information about Excel 2013. The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand and the concepts are explained with real-life examples. The practical approach adopted in the book makes it unique in itself. The text in the book is presented in such a way that it will be equally helpful to beginners as well as professionals.


Chapter 1 Introducing MS Excel 2013

· Exploring New Features of MS Excel 2013

· Starting MS Excel 2013 Application

· Creating a Workbook

· Exploring MS Excel 2013 User Interface

· Exploring the Ribbon

· Saving a Workbook

· Closing a Workbook in MS Excel 2013


Chapter 2 Working with Worksheets in MS Excel 2013

· Exploring Different Types of Data used in MS Excel

· Working with Data in a Worksheet

· Opening an Existing Workbook

· Modifying Data of a Worksheet

· Working with Number Formatting

· Managing Worksheets in a Workbook

· Working with Rows and Columns

· Working with Data Protection


Chapter 3 Working with Cells and Ranges

· Exploring Cells and Ranges

· Selecting Cells and Ranges in Different Ways

· Describing the Cut, Copy and Paste Commands

· Using Drag-and-Drop Feature to Move Data

· Specifying a Name to a Range

· Managing a Range Name


Chapter 4 Formatting Cells and Worksheet

· Formatting Cells

· Formatting a Worksheet

· Working with a Document Theme

· Printing a Worksheet


Chapter 5 Working with Charts, Pictures, SmartArt Graphics and Sparklines

· Exploring Charts

· Introducing Recommended Charts

· Working with Charts

· Working with Chart Options

· Inserting an Online Picture in a Worksheet

· Working with SmartArt Graphics

· Working with Sparklines


Chapter 6 Visualizing Data using Conditional Formatting, Sorting and Filtering

· Working with Conditional Formatting

· Exploring Sort and Filter Features


Chapter 7 Working with Formulas and Functions

· Defining Basic Concepts used in Formulas

· Defining the Basic Concepts used in a Function

· Working with Mathematical and Statistical Functions

· Working with Text Functions

· Working with the Logical Functions

· Working with the LOOKUP Function

· Working with DATE and TIME Functions

· Working with the FINANCIAL Functions

· Working with Web Functions

· Working with Auditing Tools


Chapter 8 Working with Data Analysis Tools

· Working with a PivotTable

· Creating a Data Model in MS Excel

· Creating Power View

· Understanding What-if Analysis Tool

· Understanding Solver


Chapter 9 Validating and Protecting Data

· Understanding Data Validation

· Understanding Data Protection



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