Modern Operating Systems

Shriram K. Vasudevan, Subashri Vasudevan, Sunandhini Muralidharan, Kaushik Velusamy

ISBN: 9789389447606

232 pages

INR 345


A course on operating system is an essential part of any computer science education. An operating system is system software which manages computer hardware and interacts with the users. This book deals with all the major concepts of Operating Systems with relevant practical explanations. It will be easier for even a non-computer science student to understand the concepts. This book is written for the introductory course on operating system at the junior and the senior undergraduate level or at the first year graduate level. The fundamental concepts and algorithms covered in the book are often based on those used in the existing commercial operating systems.

  • Introduction
  • Process and Inter-process Communication
  • Deadlock and Analysis
  • Memory Management
  • Files and Related Information
  • Security–An In-depth Investigation
  • Mass Storage Structure
  • Appendix - I Shell Programming–An Introductory Discussion
  • Appendix - II Basic Linux/Unix Commands
  • Index



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