Piano and Keyboard All In One for Dummies

Hal Leonard Corporation, Holly Day, Jerry Kovarksy, David Pearl, Michael Pilhofer

ISBN: 9788126550425

648 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 599


The multimedia component for this title is hosted at Dummies.com and includes companion audio tracks that will demonstrate techniques and sounds found in the book, helping readers to better understand concepts and examples in the text.



Book I: Piano & Keyboard

Chapter 1: Warming Up to the Piano and Keyboard

Chapter 2: Looking at the Different Keyboard Options

Chapter 3: Choosing and Buying Your Keyboard

Chapter 4: The Setup and Care of Your Instrument

Chapter 5: Getting Comfy at the Keyboard


Book II: Understanding Theory and the Language of Music

Chapter 1: Looking at Notes and Beats

Chapter 2: Stopping for a Rest

Chapter 3: Tempo, Measures and Time Signatures

Chapter 4: Navigating Sheet Music

Chapter 5: Varying Beats and Rhythms


Book III: Beginning to Play

Chapter 1: Playing a Melody

Chapter 2: Working with Scales

Chapter 3: Adding the Left Hand

Chapter 4: Examining Form: Melody, Harmony and Song Form

Chapter 5: Keys, Key Signatures, and the Circle of Fifths

Chapter 6: Building Chords to Accompany Melodies


Book IV: Refining Your Technique and Exploring Styles

Chapter 1: Adding Effects and Flair to Your Piano Playing

Chapter 2: Getting into the Groove

Chapter 3: Going Classical

Chapter 4: Perusing Popular Genres and Forms


Book V: Exercises: Practice, Practice, Practice

Chapter 1: Developing Hand Technique

Chapter 2: Extending Your Scales

Chapter 3: Improving Finger Coordination and Footwork

Chapter 4: Jumping Across the Keyboard

Chapter 5: Exercising with Arpeggios and Alternating Hands

Chapter 6: Stepping Up to Octaves and Chord Progressions


Book VI: Exploring Electronic Keyboard Technology

Chapter 1: Choosing Sounds and Effects

Chapter 2: Adding Accompaniment, Rhythm Patterns and Arpeggiation

Chapter 3: Recording and Editing Your Sounds

Chapter 4: Using Onboard Learning Systems

Chapter 5: Playing Along with Recordings and Using Music Software


Appendix: Accessing the Audio Tracks



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