Nanosystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing and Computation

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Author : K. Eric Drexler
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This groundbreaking work draws on physics and chemistry to establish basic concepts and analytical tools. The book then describes nanomechanical components, devices and systems, including parallel computers able to execute 1020 instructions per second and desktop molecular manufacturing systems able to make such products. Via chemical and biochemical techniques, proximal probe instruments and software for computer-aided molecular design, the book charts a path from present laboratory capabilities to advanced molecular manufacturing. Bringing together physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and computer science, Nanosystems provides an indispensable introduction to the emerging field of molecular nanotechnology.


Physical Principles.

• Classical Magnitudes and Scaling Laws.

• Potential Energy Surfaces.

• Molecular Dynamics.

• Positional Uncertainty.

• Transitions, Errors and Damage.

• Energy Dissipation.

• Mechanosynthesis.


Components and Systems.

• Nanoscale Structural Components.

• Mobile Interfaces and Moving Parts.

• Intermediate Subsystems.

• Nanomechanical Computational Systems.

• Molecular Sorting, Processing and Assembly.

• Molecular Manufacturing Systems.


Implementation Strategies.

• Macromolecular Engineering.

• Paths to Molecular Manufacturing.




Symbols, Units and Constants.






K. Eric Drexler published the first scientific paper on molecular nanotechnology in 1981. In addition, he taught the first course on the subject (at Stanford University) and chaired the first two conferences. He is currently President of the Foresight Institute and a Research Fellow of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. He wrote Nanosystems while a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Department of Computer Science and continues to lecture at universities and corporations in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. He received his doctoral degree in molecular nanotechnology from MIT



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