C.M. Niemeyer

ISBN: 9788126538409

491 pages

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Nanobiotechnology is certainly going to be the key technology of the 21st century; however, the real issues and applications are not yet defined clearly. This book is the first systematic and comprehensive treatise of this novel and highly interdisciplinary research field.


I Interphase Systems

· Biocompatible inorganic devices

· Microfluidic "Lab-on-a-chip" devices

· Micro contact printing of proteins

· Cell-nanostructure interactions

· Networks of neuronal cells on silicon substrates


II Protein-Based Nanostructures

· S-Layers

· Engineered nanopores

· Genetic approaches to particle assembly

· Microbial nanoparticle production

· Magnetosomes

· Bacteriorhodopsin technology

· Polymer nanocontainers

· Protein bio molecular motors

· Nanoparticle-biomaterial hybrid systems


III DNA-Based Nanostructures

· DNA-protein nanostructures

· DNA-templated electronics

· DNA-based metallic nanowires

· Mineralization in nanostructured bio compartments

· DNA-gold-nanoparticle conjugates

· DNA nanostructures for mechanics and computing

· Nanoparticles as non-viral transfection agents


IV Nano Analytics

· Quantum dot bio labeling

· Nanoparticle molecular labels

· Analysis of bio molecular structure by AFM and molecular pulling

· Force spectroscopy

· Bio functionalized nanoparticles for SERS and SPR

· Bioconjucated silica particles in bio analysis