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Powershell in Depth: An Administrator's Guide

Don Jones, Richard Siddaway, Jeffery Hicks

ISBN: 9789351191537

632 pages

INR 899


Organized into 40 concise chapters, PowerShell in Depth is the go-to reference for administrators working with Windows PowerShell. Every major shell technique, technology and tactic is explained and demonstrated, providing a comprehensive reference to almost everything an admin would do in the shell. Written by three experienced authors and PowerShell MVPs, this is the PowerShell book you'll keep next to your monitor-not on your bookshelf!


· PowerShell hosts

· The help commands

· PowerShell syntax

· Working with PSSnapins and modules

· Operators

· Working with objects

· The PowerShell pipeline

· Formatting

· PowerShell Remoting

· Background jobs and scheduling

· Working with credentials

· Regular expressions

· Working with HTML and XML data

· PSDrives and PSProviders

· Variables, arrays, hash tables and script blocks

· PowerShell security

· Advanced PowerShell syntax Splatting

· PowerShell’s scripting language

· Basic scripts and functions

· Creating objects for output

· Scope

· PowerShell workflows

· Advanced syntax for scripts and functions

· Script modules and manifest modules

· Custom formatting views

· Custom type extensions

· Data language and internationalization

· Writing help

· Error handling techniques

· Debugging tools and techniques

· Functions that work like cmdlets

· Tips and tricks for creating reports

· Working with the Component Object Model (COM)

· Working with .NET Framework objects

· Accessing databases

· Proxy functions

· Building a GUI

· WMI and CIM

· Best practices