Pro C# with .NET 3.0

Andrew Troelsen

ISBN: 9788181286826

1240 pages

INR 849


The book provides a complete A-to-Z reference for using C# with the .NET 2.0 platform and the .NET 3.0 extensions. The book contains new chapters that explore the interactions between the existing framework and the new extensions, giving you an edge when you evaluate and implement .NET 3.0 for the first time.


Part I  Introducing C# and the .NET Platform

· The Philosophy of .NET

· Building C# Applications


Part II The C# Programming Language

· C# Language Fundamentals

· Object-Oriented Programming with C# 2.0

· Understanding Object Lifetime

· Understanding Structured Exception Handling

· Interfaces and Collections

· Callback Interfaces, Delegates, and Events

· Advanced C# Type Construction Techniques

· Understanding Generics


Part III Programming with .NET Assemblies

· Introducing .NET Assemblies

· Type Reflection, Late Binding, and Attribute-Based Programming

· Processes, AppDomains, Contexts, and CLR Hosts

· Building Multithreaded Applications

· Understanding CIL and the Role of Dynamic Assemblies


Part IV Programming With The .NET Libraries

· The System.IO Namespace

· Understanding Object Serialization

· The .NET Remoting Layer

· Building a Better Window with System.Windows.Forms

· Rendering Graphical Data with GDI+

· Programming with Windows Forms Controls

· Database Access with ADO.NET


Part V Web Applications And XML Web Services

· ASP.NET 2.0 Web Pages and Web Controls

· ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications

· Understanding XML Web Services


Part VI Programming With .NET 3.0 Extensions

· Establishing a .NET 3.0 Programming Environment

· Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

· Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

· Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation

· C# 3.0 Language Features

· An Introduction to LINQ


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