Professional C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0

Christian Nagel

ISBN: 9788126576067

1440 pages

INR 999


Professional C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 provides experienced programmers with the information they need to work effectively with the world’s leading programming language. The latest C# update added many new features that help you get more done in less time, and this book is your ideal guide for getting up to speed quickly. C# 7 focuses on data consumption, code simplification, and performance, with new support for local functions, tuple types, record types, pattern matching, non-nullable reference types, immutable types, and better support for variables.



Part I: The C# Language

Chapter 1: .Net Applications and Tools

Chapter 2: Core C#

Chapter 3: Objects and Types

Chapter 4: Object-Oriented Programming with C#

Chapter 5: Generics

Chapter 6: Operators and Casts

Chapter 7: Arrays

Chapter 8: Delegates, Lambdas, And Events

Chapter 9: Strings and Regular Expressions

Chapter 10: Collections

Chapter 11: Special Collections

Chapter 12: Language Integrated Query

Chapter 13: Functional Programming

Chapter 14: Errors and Exceptions

Chapter 15: Asynchronous Programming

Chapter 16: Reflection, Metadata, And Dynamic Programming

Chapter 17: Managed and Unmanaged Memory

Chapter 18: Visual Studio 2017


Part II: .Net Core and The Windows Runtime

Chapter 19: Libraries, Assemblies, Packages, And Nuget

Chapter 20: Dependency Injection

Chapter 21: Tasks and Parallel Programming

Chapter 22: Files and Streams

Chapter 23: Networking

Chapter 24: Security

Chapter 25: Ado.Net And Transactions

Chapter 26: Entity Framework Core

Chapter 27: Localization

Chapter 28: Testing

Chapter 29: Tracing, Logging and Analytics


Part III: Web Applications and Services

Chapter 30: Asp.Net Core

Chapter 31: Asp.Net Core MVC

Chapter 32: Web API


Part IV: Apps

Chapter 33: Windows Apps

Chapter 34: Patterns with XAML Apps

Chapter 35: Styling Windows Apps

Chapter 36: Advanced Windows Apps

Chapter 37: Xamarin.Forms



Online Chapters

Bonus Chapter 1: Composition OC

Bonus Chapter 2: Xml and JSON OC

Bonus Chapter 3: Web hooks And Signalr OC

Bonus Chapter 4: Bots and Cognitive Services OC

Bonus Chapter 5: More Windows Apps Features OC