Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book

Steven Holzner

ISBN: 9788177220537

INR 699


The book completely explains the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail. The book is designed to help save hours of time & perfect the best Visual Basic programming skills. From design tools to flowcharts, it covers everything from graphics & image processing, ActiveX controls, database development & data-bound controls. The book is packed with insights, programming tips and techniques, and real-world solutions. The CD contains demo copies of Coffee Cup HTML Editor++98, Quick Site, SQL-Station, Q-Diagnostic Software, and more.


Chapter 1: The VB Language

Chapter 2: Command Buttons, Checkboxes, and Option Buttons

Chapter 3: List Boxes, bars and Sliders, Image Controls

Chapter 4: The Timer and Serial Communications Controls

Chapter 5: The Frame, Label, Shape, and Line Controls

Chapter 6: Bars

Chapter 7: Image Lists

Chapter 8: File Handling and File Controls

Chapter 9: Working with Graphics, Images

Chapter 10: Creating ActiveX Controls and Documents

Chapter 11: VB and the Internet: Web Browsing, Email, HTTP

Chapter 12: Connecting to the Windows API and Visual C++

Chapter 13: Databases: Using DAO, RDO, and ADO

Chapter 14: Creating Code Components (OLE Automation)

Chapter 15: Error Handling and Debugging

Chapter 16: Deploying your Program: Creating Setup Programs


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