Cyber Security

Nina Godbole, Sunit Belapure

ISBN: 9788126521791

636 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 879


· This book, focusing on cyberthreats and cybersecurity, provides the much needed awareness in the times of growing cybercrime episodes.

· Comprehensive treatment of important topic - cybersecurity to help readers understand the implications of cybercrime.

· The book provides adequate orientation on laws in reference to cybercrime and cybersecurity taking into account the Indian as well as global scenario.

· Awareness created through simple practical tips and tricks, educates readers to learn how to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime.

· Written by InfoSec domain SME and co-authored by qualified ethical hacking professional who is also a security certified.

· Well-presented case illustrations and examples from real life to underline the significance of topics addressed in each chapter.

Introduction to Cybercrime

· Introduction

· Cybercrime: Definition and Origins of the Word

· Cybercrime and Information Security

· Who are Cybercriminals?

· Classifications of Cybercrimes

· Cybercrime: The Legal Perspectives

· Cybercrimes: An Indian Perspective

· Cybercrime and the Indian ITA 2000

· A Global Perspective on Cybercrimes

· Cybercrime Era: Survival Mantra for the Netizens

· Concluding Remarks and Way Forward to Further Chapters


Cyberoffenses: How Criminals Plan Them

· Introduction

· How Criminals Plan the Attacks

· Social Engineering

· Cyberstalking

· Cybercafe and Cybercrimes

· Botnets: The Fuel for Cybercrime

· Attack Vector

· Cloud Computing


Cybercrime: Mobile and Wireless Devices

· Introduction

· Proliferation of Mobile and Wireless Devices

· Trends in Mobility

· Credit Card Frauds in Mobile and Wireless Computing Era

· Security Challenges Posed by Mobile Devices

· Registry Settings for Mobile Devices

· Authentication Service Security

· Attacks on Mobile/Cell Phones

· Mobile Devices: Security Implications for Organizations

· Organizational Measures for Handling Mobile

· Organizational Security Policies and Measures in Mobile Computing Era

· Laptops


Tools and Methods Used in Cybercrime

· Introduction

· Proxy Servers and Anonymizers

· Phishing

· Password Cracking

· Keyloggers and Spywares

· Virus and Worms

· Trojan Horses and Backdoors

· Steganography

· DoS and DDoS Attacks

· SQL Injection

· Buffer Overflow

· Attacks on Wireless Networks


Phishing and Identity Theft

· Introduction

· Phishing

· Identity Theft (ID Theft)


Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity: The Legal Perspectives

· Introduction

· Cybercrime and the Legal Landscape around the World

· Why Do We Need Cyberlaws: The Indian Context

· The Indian IT Act

· Challenges to Indian Law and Cybercrime Scenario in India

· Consequences of Not Addressing the Weakness in Information Technology Act

· Digital Signatures and the Indian IT Act

· Amendments to the Indian IT Act

· Cybercrime and Punishment

· Cyberlaw, Technology and Students: Indian Scenario


Understanding Computer Forensics

· Introduction

· Historical Background of Cyberforensics

· Digital Forensics Science

· The Need for Computer Forensics

· Cyberforensics and Digital Evidence

· Forensics Analysis of E-Mail

· Digital Forensics Life Cycle

· Chain of Custody Concept

· Network Forensics

· Approaching a Computer Forensics Investigation

· Setting up a Computer Forensics Laboratory: Understanding the Requirements

· Computer Forensics and Steganography

· Relevance of the OSI 7 Layer Model to Computer Forensics

· Forensics and Social Networking Sites: The Security/Privacy Threats

· Computer Forensics from Compliance Perspective

· Challenges in Computer Forensics

· Special Tools and Techniques

· Forensics Auditing

· Antiforensics


Forensics of Hand-Held Devices

· Introduction

· Understanding Cell Phone Working Characteristics

· Hand-Held Devices and Digital Forensics

· Toolkits for Hand-Held Device Forensics

· Forensics of iPods and Digital Music Devices

· An Illustration on Real Life Use of Forensics

· Techno-Legal Challenges with Evidence from Hand-Held Devices

· Organizational Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics


Cybersecurity: Organizational Implications

· Introduction

· Cost of Cybercrimes and IPR Issues: Lessons for Organizations

· Web Threats for Organizations: The Evils and Perils

· Security and Privacy Implications from Cloud Computing

· Social Media Marketing: Security Risks and Perils for Organizations

· Social Computing and the Associated Challenges for Organizations

· Protecting People's Privacy in the Organization

· Organizational Guidelines for Internet Usage, Safe Computing Guidelines and Computer Usage Policy

· Incident Handling: An Essential Component of Cybersecurity

· Forensics Best Practices for Organizations

· Media and Asset Protection: Best Practices for Organizations

· Importance of Endpoint Security in Organizations


Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism: Social, Political, Ethical and Psychological Dimensions

· Introduction

· Intellectual Property in the Cyberspace

· The Ethical Dimension of Cybercrimes

· The Psychology, Mindset and Skills of Hackers and Other Cybercriminals

· Sociology of Cybercriminals

· Information Warfare: Perception or An Eminent Reality?


Cybercrime: Illustrations, Examples and Mini-Cases

· Introduction

· Real-Life Examples

· Mini-Cases

· Illustrations of Financial Frauds in Cyber Domain

· Digital Signature-Related Crime Scenarios

· Digital Forensics Case Illustrations

· Online Scams


Careers in Cybersecurity

· Introduction

· IT Security Organization

· Career Paths in Cybersecurity

· Cybersecurity Certifications

· Guide Path




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