Hacking the Hacker: Learn From the Experts Who Take Down Hackers

Roger A. Grimes

ISBN: 9788126569205

320 pages

INR 799


Hacking the Hacker takes you inside the world of cybersecurity to show you what goes on behind the scenes, and introduces you to the men and women on the front lines of this technological arms race. Twenty-six of the world's top white hat hackers, security researchers, writers, and leaders, describe what they do and why, with each profile preceded by a no-experience-necessary explanation of the relevant technology.  Dorothy Denning discusses advanced persistent threats, Martin Hellman describes how he helped invent public key encryption, Bill Cheswick talks about firewalls, Dr. Charlie Miller talks about hacking cars, and other cybersecurity experts from around the world detail the threats, their defenses, and the tools and techniques they use to thwart the most advanced criminals history has ever seen.



1 What Type of Hacker Are You?  

2 How Hackers Hack  

3 Profile: Bruce Schneier

4 Social Engineering

5 Profile: Kevin Mitnick

6 Software Vulnerabilities

7 Profile: Michael Howard

8 Profile: Gary McGraw

9 Malware

10 Profile: Susan Bradley

11 Profile: Mark Russinovich

12 Cryptography

13 Profile: Martin Hellman

14 Intrusion Detection/APTs

15 Profile: Dr. Dorothy E. Denning

16 Profile: Michael Dubinsky

17 Firewalls

18 Profile: William Cheswick

19 Honeypots

20 Profile: Lance Spitzner

21 Password Hacking

22 Profile: Dr. Cormac Herley

23 Wireless Hacking

24 Profile: Thomas d'Otreppe de Bouvette

25 Penetration Testing

26 Profile: Aaron Higbee

27 Profile: Benild Joseph

28 DDoS Attacks

29 Profile: Brian Krebs

30 Secure OS

31 Profile: Joanna Rutkowska

32 Profile: Aaron Margosis

33 Network Attacks

34 Profile: Laura Chappell

35 IoT Hacking

36 Profile: Dr. Charlie Miller

37 Policy and Strategy

38 Profile: Jing de Jong-Chen

39 Threat Modeling

40 Profile: Adam Shostack

41 Computer Security Education

42 Profile: Stephen Northcutt

43 Privacy

44 Profile: Eva Galperin

45 Patching

46 Profile: Window Snyder

47 Writing as a Career

48 Profile: Fahmida Y. Rashid

49 Guide for Parents with Young Hackers

50 Hacker Code of Ethics