Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy, 7ed

Efraim Turban, Linda Volonino

ISBN: 9788126526390

644 pages

INR 859


This book provides managers in all departments with a strong understanding of how IT can help them achieve their business goals. It highlights new technology that is changing how organizations operate and compete in the current global environment. This includes a look at how social networks are transforming how people communicate, work, and play. The seventh edition has been streamlined from 17 chapters down to 14, providing a concise introduction. The technology aspects are now featured in the technology guides and the discussions on strategy are reduced. New cutting edge topics such green IS and business intelligence are also integrated throughout the chapters. Managers will be able to use this information to ensure that they have the right IT resources to succeed.

· IT Support of Organizational Performance.

· Information Technologies.

· Data Management.

· Networking Discovery, Communication, Collaboration.

· E-Business.

· Wireless.

· Transaction Processing & Functional Areas.

· Enterprise Systems.

· IOS and Global IS.

· KM.

· Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

· Managerial Decision Making.

· Using IT for Strategic Advantage.

· Econ.

· Acquiring & Developing Systems.

· Security.

· Impacts.



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