Novel Aspects of Insect-Plant Interactions

Pedro Barbosa

ISBN: 9788126556571

384 pages

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Presents the first efforts to explore ecological interactions between insects and plants across several trophic levels, with special focus on mediation of complex interactions by plant allelochemicals. First section looks at effects of plant allelochemicals on predator-prey and host-parasitoid interactions. Second section reveals the role of microorganisms as mediators of interactions between insects and plants. Third section unifies and extends current theory to examine the effects of allelochemicals on the second and third trophic levels. Final section traces the physiological effects of plant allelochemicals in animal behavior, population regulation, maintenance of mimicry systems and evolution of host range.


Conceptual Framework of Three-Trophic-Level Interactions.

  • Allelochemical Interactions among Plants, Herbivores and Their Predators
  • Influences of Plant-Produced Allelochemicals on the Host and Prey Selection Behavior of Entomophagous Insects


Microorganisms as Mediators of Inter-Trophic and Intra-Trophic Interactions.

  • Allelochemicals in Insect-microbe-plant Interactions
  • Agents Provocateurs in the Coevolutionary Arms Race
  • Microbial Allelochemicals Affecting the Behavior of Insects, Mites, Nematodes and Protozoa in Different Trophic Levels


Theory and Mechanisms: Plant Effects via Allelochemicals on the Third Trophic Level.

  • Parasitoid-Host-Plant Interactions, Emphasizing Cotton
  • Natural Enemies and Herbivore-Plant Interactions: Influence of Plant Allelochemicals and Host Specificity


Key Roles of Plant Allelochemicals in Survival Strategies of Herbivores.

  • Plant-Derived Defense in Chrysomelid Beetles
  • Plant Allelochemistry and Mimicry
  • Potential Role of Plant Allelochemicals in the Development of Insecticide Resistance