Beginning Java Programming: The Object-Oriented Approach

Bart Baesens

ISBN: 9788126555130

664 pages

INR 699


Beginning Java Programming provides readers a serious straight-forward education on Java, with the tools necessary to apply their new skills in the real world. The book places an emphasis on OOP principles and is geared for those who want to use Java in an applied environment while learning Java. Throughout each chapter, there are Try It Out exercises, based on real-life practical business and educational applications, allowing the reader to program short applications which demonstrate each concept. The final chapter in the book is made up of larger case studies where readers are given the opportunity to combine several concepts into larger applications.



Chapter 1: A General Introduction to Programming

Chapter 2: Getting To Know Java

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Chapter 4: Moving Toward Object Oriented Programming

Chapter 5: Controlling the Flow of Your Program

Chapter 6: Handling Exceptions and Debugging

Chapter 7: Delving Further Into Object Oriented Concepts

Chapter 8: Handling Input and Output

Chapter 9: Working With Databases in Java

Chapter 10: Accessing Web Sources

Chapter 11: Designing Graphical Interfaces

Chapter 12: Using Object Oriented Patterns

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