Beginning Spring

Mert Caliskan

ISBN: 9788126554881

480 pages

INR 599


Beginning Spring is the complete beginner's guide to Java's most popular framework. Written with an eye toward real-world enterprises, the book covers all aspects of application development within the Spring Framework. Extensive samples within each chapter allow developers to get up to speed quickly by providing concrete references for experimentation, building a skillset that drives successful application development by exploiting the full capabilities of Java's latest advances.




Chapter 1: POJA Programming Model, Lightweight Containers and Inversion of Control  

Chapter 2: Dependency Injection with Spring

Chapter 3: Building Web Applications using Spring MVC

Chapter 4: JDBC Data Access with Spring

Chapter 5: Data Access with JPA using Spring

Chapter 6: Managing Transactions with Spring

Chapter 7: Test Driven Development with Spring

Chapter 8: Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

Chapter 9: Spring Expression Language

Chapter 10: Caching

Chapter 11: Restful Web Services with Spring

Chapter 12: Securing Web Applications with Spring Security

Chapter 13: Next Stop: Spring 4.0

Appendix: Solutions to Exercises