Mastering Unix Shell Scripting, 2ed



Part I: The Basics of Shell Scripting

· Scripting Quick Start and Review

· 24 Ways to Process a File Line-by-Line

· Automated Event Notification

· Progress Indicators Using a Series of Dots, a Rotating Line, or Elapsed Time

Part II: Scripts for Programmers, Testers, and Analysts

· Working with Record Files

· Automated FTP Stuff

· Using rsync to Efficiently Replicate Data

· Automating Interactive Programs with Expect and Autoexpect

· Finding Large Files and Files of a Specific Type

· Process Monitoring and Enabling Pre-Processing, Startup, and Post-Processing Events

· Pseudo-Random Number and Data Generation

· Creating Pseudo-Random Passwords

· Floating-Point Math and the bc Utility

· Number Base Conversions

· hgrep: Highlighted grep Script

· Monitoring Processes and Applications

Part III: Scripts for Systems Administrators

· Filesystem Monitoring

· Monitoring Paging and Swap Space

· Monitoring System Load

· Monitoring for Stale Disk Partitions (AIX-Specific)

· Turning On/Off SSA Identification Lights

· Automated Hosts Pinging with Notification of Failure

· Creating a System-Configuration Snapshot

· Compiling, Installing, Configuring, and Using sudo

· Print-Queue Hell: Keeping the Printers Printing

· Those Pesky Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Audits

· Using Dirvish with rsync to Create Snapshot-Type Backups

· Monitoring and Auditing User Keystrokes

Appendix A: What’s on the Web Site