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Operating System Concepts, 8ed, ISV

Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne

ISBN: 9788126520510

992 pages

Exclusively distributed by CBS Publishers & Distributors


INR 669


This market-leading book provides developers with the latest and most relevant information on today’s operating systems. In addition, it uncovers the fundamental concepts that have remained constant throughout the evolution of those systems. The eighth edition adds simulation content throughout the pages along with new programming projects. The simulators will help readers develop a conceptual understanding of the concepts. The material has also been updated with the latest information on all the major operating systems. By following the approach in this book, developers can more easily comprehend the details related to specific systems.


Operating-System Structures

Process Management
CPU Scheduling
Process Synchronization

Memory Management
Main Memory
Virtual Memory

Storage Management
File-System Interface
File-System Implementation
Mass-Storage Structure
I/O Systems

Protection and Security

Distributed Systems
Distributed System Structures
Distributed File Systems
Distributed Coordination

Special -Purpose Systems
Real-Time Systems

Case Studies
The Linux System
Windows XP
Influential Operating Systems