Operating System Concepts, Windows XP Update 6ed


ISBN: 9788126508853

980 pages

INR 639


The 6/e Update Edition offers improved conceptual coverage, added content to bridge the gap between concepts and actual implementations and a new chapter on the newest Operating System to capture the attention of critics, consumers and industry alike: Windows XP.



· Computer-System Structures

· Operating-System Structures

· Processes

· Threads

· CPU Scheduling

· Process Synchronization

· Deadlocks

· Memory Management

· Virtual Memory

· File-System Interface

· File-System Implementation

· I/O Systems

· Mass-Storage Structure

· Distributed System Structures

· Distributed File Systems

· Distributed Coordination

· Protection

· Security

· The Linux System

· Windows 2000

· Windows XP

· Historical Perspective

Appendix A: The FreeBSD System (online)

Appendix B: The Mach System (online)

Appendix C: The Nachos System (online)