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Consumer Behaviour Books - I

Gurpreet Kaur Chhabra

ISBN: 9789351197805

404 pages

INR 399


This book encompasses all possible aspects of consumer behavior understood and studied so far. The book has been divided into Two parts. The First Part of the book (including chapters 1 to 10) comprehensively covers various topics under the ambit of consumer behaviour studies. The Second Part of the book (including chapters 11 to 16) has been dedicated to consumer behaviour peculiar to particular sectors. Individual chapters have been dedicated to develop an understanding of changing consumer trends and behaviour often seen in rural, retail and service sectors. Due to an increase in the trend of online buying in India, online buyers’ behaviour and factors influencing online buyer behaviour, have also been included in the book.

Part I: Understanding the Important Aspects of Consumer Behaviour

Chapter 1: Consumer Behaviour- An Overview

Chapter 2: Consumer Research

Chapter 3: Segmenting, Targeting & Positioning

Chapter 4: Consumer Decision Process: Consumer Involvement and Information Processing through Various Stages

Chapter 5: Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour

Chapter 6: Environmental Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Role of Culture and Sub-culture

Chapter 7: Environmental Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Role of Social Class, Family, Opinion Leaders and Reference Groups

Chapter 8: Personal Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Personality & Consumer Motivation

Chapter 9: Consumer Attitudes: Formation and Attitude Change Strategies

Chapter 10: Consumer Decision Making: Buying Situations & Consumer Decision Models


Part II: Understanding Sector Specific Consumer Behaviour and the Concept of Consumerism

Chapter 11: Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Retail: An Introduction to the Retail Sector

Chapter 12: Understanding Retail Consumer Behaviour and Type of Retail Shoppers

Chapter 13: Understanding Behaviour of Rural Consumer

Chapter 14: Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Service Sector

Chapter 15: Reaching Out to the Customer in the Digital World

Chapter 16: Consumerism: Current Trends and Laws on Consumer Protection in India



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