Introduction to Logistics Systems Management, 2ed

Gianpaolo Ghiani

ISBN: 9788126570355

480 pages

INR 589


Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control presents a self contained introduction to the quantitative methods necessary for logistics systems management at a level suitable for students of engineering, computer science and management science. With this new, thoroughly revised edition, the author introduces business logistics and covers sales forecasting, inventory management, warehouse design and management and transport planning and control, and includes new chapters on procurement and the design of automated storage and retrieval systems, as well as new case studies that demonstrate how the methods can be applied to complex logistics problems.

Foreword by Marc Goetschalckx



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1 Introducing logistics

1.1 Definition of logistics  

1.2 Logistics systems

1.3 Reverse logistics  

1.4 Integrated logistics

1.5 Objectives of logistics

1.6 Management of the logistics system

1.7 Case study: The Pfizer logistics system

1.8 Questions and problems


2 Forecasting logistics requirements

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Qualitative methods

2.3 Quantitative methods

2.4 Data preprocessing

2.5 Choice of the forecasting method

2.6 Advanced forecasting method

2.7 Accuracy measure and forecasting 98

2.8 Interval forecasts

2.9 Case study: Forecasting methods at Adriatica Accumulatori

2.10 Case study: Sales forecasting at Orlea

2.11 Questions and problems


3 Locating facilities in logistics systems

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Qualitative methods

3.3 Quantitative methods

3.4 Hybrid methods

3.5 Stochastic location models

3.6 Case study: Container warehouse location at Hardcastle

3.7 Case study: The organ transplantation location--allocation policy of the Italian National Transplant Centre

3.8 Questions and problems


4 Selecting the suppliers

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Definition of the set of potential suppliers

4.3 Definition of the selection criteria

4.4 Supplier selection

4.5 Case study: The system for the selection of suppliers at Baxter

4.6 Questions and problems


5 Managing a warehouse

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Warehouse design

5.3 Tactical decisions for warehouse logistics planning

5.4 Operational decisions for warehouse logistics management

5.5 Case study: Performance evaluation of an AS/RS system conducted by Wert Consulting

5.6 Case study: Inventory management at Wolferine

5.7 Case study: Airplane loading at FedEx

5.8 Questions and problems


6 Managing freight transport

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Freight Traffic Assignment Problems (TAPs)

6.3 Service network design problems

6.4 Vehicle allocation problems

6.5 A dynamic driver assignment problem

6.6 Fleet composition

6.7 Shipment consolidation

6.8 Vehicle routing problems

6.9 Real-time vehicle routing problems

6.10 Integrated location and routing problems

6.11 Vendor-managed inventory routing

6.12 Case study: Air network design at Intexpress

6.13 Case study: Meter reader routing and scheduling at Socal

6.14 Case study: Dynamic vehicle-dispatching problem with pickups and deliveries at eCourier

6.15 Questions and problems