Store Operations

Vishal Agarwal

ISBN: 9788177225167

304 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 399


This book in Store Operations is designed to meet the need of all categories of readers, particularly, students of management and commerce. It provides an in-depth coverage of store concepts, day-to-day activities, practical aspects of operations and managing the system, starting with store opening and ends with store closing. The entire text is divided into 15 chapters. The text also provides case studies with examples. Thus, it is a pedagogically ideal book for students.

Part I: Introduction to Retails and Store

Chapter-1 Introduction to Retail

Chapter-2 Introduction to Store

Chapter-3 Store Opening and Closing

Chapter-4 Annual Business Plan


Part II: Front Operations and Merchandizing

Chapter-5 Store Employees and Services

Chapter-6 Store Readying

Chapter-7 Customer in Store

Chapter-8 Retail Front End Operations


Part III: Stock Management

Chapter-9 Distribution Center Operations

Chapter-10 Goods Handling in Store

Chapter-11 Merchandize Handling


Part IV: Administrative and Employee Management

Chapter-12 Store Administration

Chapter-13 Store HR Policies


Part V Security Management

Chapter-14 Store Security

Chapter-15 Pilferage and Shoplifting



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