Supply Chain Management (Theories & Practices)

R.P Mohanty, S.G Deshmukh

ISBN: 9788177221916

INR 399


Professionals engaged in managing the supply chain today do express the needs for a usable knowledge base, which can transform their traditional mindsets and help them in preparing a holistic map for transforming the supply chain management process. This book is an attempt to attain this objective. The book provides ample guidelines for the practitioners for implementing SCM initiatives to learn basically the “why, what and how” of supply chain management.


Chapter 1: Supply Chain Management: What and Why?

Chapter 2: Strategic Decisions in Supply Chain Management

Chapter 3: Source Management in Supply Chain

Chapter 4: Inventory management in Supply Chain

Chapter 5: Transportation Management in the Supply Chain

Chapter 6: Information Technology in Supply Chain

Chapter 7: Information Systems in Supply Chain

Chapter 8: Mathematical Modelling For Supply Chain

Chapter 9: Reverse Supply Chain

Chapter 10: Integration and Collaborative Supply Chain

Chapter 11: Agile Supply Chain

Chapter 12: Cases in Supply Chain



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