Oracle PL / SQL for Dummies

Michael Rosenblum, Paul Dorsey

ISBN: 9788126508921

434 pages

Exclusively distributed by Goel Computer Hut 


Oracle PL/SQL For Dummies shows novice Oracle programmers how to use PL/SQL, the procedural programming language embedded in Oracle, to develop Oracle applications. This book introduces PL/SQL and its relationship to SQL and includes coverage of the following: getting started with PL/SQL (e.g., language fundamentals, program control, exception handling, and packages); Oracle-specific programming topics (e.g., Oracle constructs of interest to PL/SQL developers and code-placement options); advanced PL/SQL (e.g., manipulating strings, manipulating dates, and manipulating numbers). The book also includes a database primer chapter, coverage of best practices (based on actual system-building experience) in sidebars throughout and in a full chapter, and coding and naming standards that can be adopted by organizations.





Part I: Basic PL/SQL Concepts

· PL/SQL and Your Database

· The PL/SQL Environment


Part II: Getting Started with PL/SQL

· Laying the Groundwork: PL/SQL Fundamentals

· Controlling Program Flow

· Handling Exceptions

· PL/SQL and SQL Working Together


Part III: Standards and Structures

· Putting Your Code in the Right Place

· Creating Naming Standards

· Creating Coding Standards


Part IV: PL/SQL Data Manipulations

· Basic Datatypes

· Advanced Datatypes


Part V: Taking PL/SQL to the Next Level

· Transaction Control

· Dynamic SQL and PL/SQL

· PL/SQL Best Practices


Part VI: The Part of Tens

· Ten PL/SQL Tips

· Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid in PL/SQL






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