Behavioural Science: Achieving Behavioural Excellence for Success

Dr. Abha Singh

ISBN: 9788126538027

248 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 549


This book deals with each and every aspect of human behaviour that any individual exhibits in his/her personal as well as professional life. It also explains the process for changes in behavioural aspects to live life more wholesomely in case of need.In addition to the general aspects of behavioural science, this book highlights all the burning topics/problems our society is facing these days: Drug addiction/de-addiction, suicide, depression, etc. Most importantly, this book proves to be an important tool for students, researchers, faculty members and all those people in general who want to lead a peaceful and successful life. Behavioural science helps us to deal with our life in a healthy and positive manner.


· Understanding Self and Personality

· Self-Esteem

· Psychology of Attitude

· Emotional Intelligence and Competence

· Communication Beyond Words

· Effective Listening

· Behavioural Adjustments and Positive Outcome

· Stress Management and Prevention

· Coping Styles or Strategies

· Summary

· Check Your Progress

· Review Questions

· References

· Further Readings

· Answers


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