Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing

Ramesh C. Chandan

ISBN: 9788126563562

604 pages

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After introductory chapters which present the chemical, physical, functional and microbiological characteristics of dairy ingredients, the book addresses the technology associated with the manufacture of the major dairy ingredients, focusing on those parameters that affect their performance and functionality in food systems. The popular applications of dairy ingredients in the manufacture of food products such as dairy foods, bakery products, processed cheeses, processed meats, chocolate as well as confectionery products, functional foods, and infant and adult nutritional products, are covered in some detail in subsequent chapters.



1. Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing: An Overview  

2. Chemical, Physical and Functional Characteristics of Dairy Ingredients

3. Microbiological Aspects of Dairy Ingredients

4. Processing Principles of Dairy Ingredients

5. Concentrated Fluid Milk Ingredients  

6. Dry Milk Ingredients  

7. Casein, Caseinates and Milk Protein Concentrates

8. Whey-based Ingredients

9. Butter and Butter Products  

10. Principles of Cheese Technology

11. Manufacturing Outlines and Applications of Selected Cheese Varieties  

12. Enzyme-modified Dairy Ingredients

13. Fermented Dairy Ingredients

14. Functional Ingredients from Dairy Fermentations

15. Dairy-based Ingredients: Regulatory Aspects

16. Nutritive and Health Attributes of Dairy Ingredients

17. Dairy Ingredients in Dairy Food Processing

18. Dairy Ingredients in Bakery, Snacks, Sauces, Dressings, Processed Meats and Functional Foods

19. Dairy Ingredients in Chocolate and Confectionery Products  

20. Dairy Ingredients in Infant and Adult Nutrition Products