Ethnobotany Himalayan Region

S.K. Sood, Anjna Kharwal, T.N. Lakhanpal, A.K. Bhatnagar

ISBN: 9789390455072

640 pages

INR 3295


This invaluable compendium, the first of its type, is based on intensive ethnobotanical surveys undertaken by the authors in various rural pockets of Palampur Himalayas during the years 2003-2009, a region of the Himalayas which is at the confluence of the plains and blessed with remarkable natural beauty and high ranges of Dhauladhar Mountains at the backdrop with tops remains snow covered for most part of the year and significantly rich in ancient heritage, ethnic variability, floristic and cultural diversity

  • Introduction(Ethnobotany – A Multidisciplinary Natural Science, Indigenous Societies, The Himachal Himalayas – Land of Ethnic Communities, Current Status of Work on Ethnobotanical Spectrum of Indian Flora, The Study Area and Enumeration)
  • Promising Himalayan Plants for Sustenance of Mankind
  • Epilogue(Ethnobotanical Spectrum, Observed Density and Availability of Underutilized Plant Resources, Neutraceutical Potential of Some Himalayan Edibles, Native Status of the Ethnobotanical Flora, Economic Valuation of the Source Flora, Conclusion)
  • Literature Cited
  • Plates
  • Appendices(Index of Families
  • Appendix I; Index of Uses
  • Appendix II; Index of Plants Used for Various Edible Preparations
  • Appendix III; Index of Plants with Additional Uses
  • Appendix IV, Index of Local Names
  • Appendix V, Index of Botanical Names — Appendix VI)



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