Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors


ISBN: 9788126563586

1116 pages

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This book provides a comprehensive reference on the flavor science and technology of fruits and vegetables, spices and oils. Beginning with an introduction on the specific flavors and their commercialization, the book then details the technical aspects including biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physiochemistry, processing, analysis, extraction, commodities and requirements for application as food additives. Regulatory considerations are discussed in relation to sanitation and safety in a flavor manufacturing establishment.



List of Abbreviations.

Section A: Fruit Flavors.


Part I: Fruit Flavors: Biology, Chemistry and Physiochemistry.

1. Fruits and Fruit Flavor: Classifi cation and Biological Characterization

2. Physiology and Biochemistry of Fruit Flavors  

3. Sensory Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors  

4. Fermentation and Fruit Flavor Production

5. Environmental Effects on Flavor Changes  


Part II: Fruit Flavors: Biotechnology.

6. Cell Culture for Flavor Production  

7. Genetic Engineering of Fruit Flavors  

8. Bioconversion of Flavors  

9. Plant Metabolic Pathways and Flavor Biosynthesis


Part III: Fruit Flavors: Analytic Methodology and Chemical Characterizations.

10. History and Principles of Flavor Analysis  

11. Advanced Analytic Methodology  

12. Extraction and Distillation

13. Flavor Extraction: Headspace, SDE, or SFE  


Part IV: Flavors for Fruit Commodities.

14. Annona Fruits  

15. Apple  

16. Citrus Fruits and Oranges

17. Flavor in Grapes: Its Characterization and Commercial Applications

18. The Aroma of Wine  

19. Mango Flavor  

20. Passion Fruit  

21. Pineapple

22. The Flavor of Plums  

23. Strawberry Flavor  

24. Temperate Fruit Juice Flavors

25. Fruits from Central and South America


Part V: Flavors of Selected Dried Fruits.

26. Overview of Flavors and Fruit Dehydration

27. Flavors of Dried Apples  

28. Flavors of Dried Apricots

29. Flavors of Dried Bananas

30. Volatile Aroma / Flavor Components of Raisins

31. Flavors of Dried Pears


Section B: Vegetable Flavors.

Part VI Vegetable Flavors: Biology, Chemistry, Physiochemistry and Biotechnology.

32. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Some Vegetable Flavors

33. Traditional and New Analytical Methodology

34. Vegetable Flavors from Cell Culture

35. Flavor from Transgenic Vegetables  

36. Genetic Engineering of Fruit Flavors

37. Metabolic Factory for Flavors in Fruits and Vegetables  


Part VII: Vegetable Commodities.

38. Avocado (Persea Americana Mill.) Oil  

39. Cabbage Flavor  

40. Carrot Flavor  

41. Chili Flavor  

42. Corn Flavor  

43. Olive and Olive Oil

44. Flavors in Onion: Characterization and Commercial Applications

45. Onion: A Food, Spice, and Remedy in the Middle Eastern Gastronomy  

46. Mushrooms in the Middle Eastern Diet  

47. Flavoring Compounds in Red Pepper Fruits (Capsicum genus) and Processed Products

48. Potato Flavor


Part VIII: Other Vegetables And Vegetable Products.

49. Mexican Pickled Jalapeño Pepper  

50. Dried Western Vegetable Products  

51. Understanding Peanut Flavor: A Current Review

52. Spices, Seasonings, and Essential Oils  

53. Flavor of Canola Oil  

54. Flavors of Palm Oil  

55. Sesame Oil