Microbial Research: An Overview

Vinita Katiyar, Anubha Joshi

ISBN: 9789390455676

516 pages

INR 3495


This book, a compilation of 21 chapters, includes research findings and review articles contributed by scientists and researchers in different areas of microbiology. It contains review articles on bacterial pheromones, biosensors, various microbial enzymes, industrial biocatalysis, chaperones and proteases, present scenario of tuberculosis, diagnostic techniques for indoor dust enumeration including the human papilloma virus. In a nutshell, it contains useful information about the current hot spots of microbiology, enlisting the latest techniques.


  • Microbial Bioemulsifiers & Their Roles in the Natural Environment
  • Oral Microflora of Snakes
  • Chaperones & Proteases: The Two Sides of the Hsp100/Clp Group of Proteins
  • Communal Action of Microbial Cultures for Biodegradation and Decolorization of Textile Dyes:  Current and General Aspects.
  • Quorum Sensing and Bacterial Pheromones: A Road to Influence the Local Microbial Environment
  • Microbial Aspects of Drinking Water
  • Mushroom Nurturing as Contemporary Alternate Diet
  • Industrial Biocatalysis: A Green Solution to Environmental Safety and Sustainability
  • Directed Evolution of Microbial Enzymes: An Update
  • Important Characteristics of Bacterial Lipases and Its Sources in Different Kinds of Industries
  • Isolating Potential Microorganisms for Production of Poly-Β-Hydroxybutyrate: A Better Option for Biodegradable Plastic
  • Biosensor: A Logical Instrument
  • Mycorrhiza: An Ultimate Partnership
  • Microbes: The Next - Gen Powerhouses
  • Human Papilloma Virus Mediated Cancer
  • Diagnostic Techniques of Indoor Dust: Enumeration and Characterization
  • The Strategies and Mechanisms Adapted by Bacteria to Combat Oxidative and Reductive Stresses
  • Understanding Indoor Environmental Microbiome: Application of High-throughput Sequencing   Technology
  • Biomaterial Interaction Profile of Molecular Mechanism Involved in Biophysical Processes: Friccohesity
  • Present Status and Future Challenges for the Treatment of Tuberculosis: A Review
  • Biopreservation: Novel Technique Augmenting Shelf Life



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