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Operations Research: Question Bank

N.V.R. Naidu, K.M. Babu, G. Rajendra

ISBN: 9789389633221

INR 295


Operation Research has emerged as the most spectacular aspect of optimization techniques. Practising professionals usually rate operations research as the most useful subjects studied in college. Operations Research is designed for the students of industrial engineering and management. This book comprises 12 chapters and provides the introduction of each chapter and various problems of real practical situation in the organizations as well as in daily life.


  • Linear Programming Problems
  • Graphically and Simplex Problems
  • Big M Method Problems
  • Duality and Dual Simplex Problems
  • Transportation Problems
  • Assignment Problems
  • Queuing Systems Problems
  • Project Management Problems
  • Game Theory Problems
  • Replacement Problems
  • Inventory Management Problems
  • Sequencing Problems