Pesticides: Problems, Improvements, Alternatives

Frank Den Hond, Peter Groenewegen, Nico van Straalen

ISBN: 9788126574131

272 pages

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Despite a history of several decades of pesticide regulation, continuous innovation, and considerable practical experience with using pesticides in agriculture, the environmental impact of pesticide use continues to be of serious concern.

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1 Questions Around the Persistence of the Pesticide Problem  

2 An Agricultural Vision

3 The Authorization of Pesticides in the Light of Sustainability

4 Innovation in the Agrochemical Industry

5 Regulatory Science in an International Regime: An Institutional Analysis

6 Farmers' Agrochemical Use Decisions and the Potential of Efficiency and Innovation Offsets

7 Variations in Agricultural Practice and Environmental Care

8 Assessing the Environmental Performance of Agriculture: Pesticide Use, Risk and Management Indicators

9 Integrated Assessment of Pesticides: Methods for Predicting and Detecting Environmental Risks in a Safety Net

10 Site-Specific Pest Management (Scott M. Swinton).

11 New Biotechnology, Crop Protection and Sustainable Development

12 European Food Industry Initiatives Reducing Pesticide Use

13 Impact of International Policies (CAP) and Agreements (WTO) on the Development of Organic Farming

14 Integration: Learning to Solve the Pesticide Problem