Principles of Stratigraphy

Michael E. Brookfield

ISBN: 9788126563180

352 pages

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 Principles of Stratigraphy reaffirms the vital importance of stratigraphy to the earth sciences, and introduces the undergraduate to its key elements in a lively and interesting fashion. In Part I the author outlines key concepts including the foundations of sedimentology and sedimentary environments. Part II elucidates the basic principles of stratigraphic analysis, while Part III shows how stratigraphy is used in understanding sedimentary basin evolution, the interplay between tectonics and sedimentation, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, paleoclimatology and the geologic history of other planets.

  1. Introduction.


Part I: Basics.

  1. Weathering.
  2. Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks.
  3. Major Environmental Complexes and Their Recognition.


Part II: Tracing Environments in Space and Time.

  1. The Vertical Dimension.
  2. The Horizontal Dimension.
  3. The Time Dimension.
  4. Basin Analysis.
  5. Stratigraphic Systems.


Part III: Interpreting Geologic History.

  1. Tectonics.
  2. Sea-Level Changes.
  3. Climate.
  4. Biology.
  5. Stratigraphic Problem Times and Places.
  6. Extraterrestrial Stratigraphy.