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Textbook of Bryophyta

Afroz Alam

ISBN: 9789389307221

452 pages

INR 545


The book aims to provide a comprehensive account of bryophyta in a simple language and profusely illustrated manner for better understanding. The book is divided into twelve chapters which deal with life forms, life cycle, cytogenetics, classification, hepaticopsida, anthocerotopsida, bryopsida, uses of bryophytes, conservation of bryophytes and molecular bryology. The description of plants is well supplemented by suitable photographs and line drawings which will give a complete view with added advantage to the readers in identifying the plants in their natural habitats.


  • Introduction
  • Growth Forms and Life Forms
  • Reproduction and Life Cycle of Bryophytes
  • Cytogenetics and Evolution
  • Classification
  • Class Hepaticopsida
  • Anthocerotopsida
  • Bryopsida
  • Uses of Bryophytes
  • Threats and Conservation of Bryophytes
  • Molecular Bryology
  • Contributions of Some Indian Bryologists