Textbook of Culinary and Bakery World

Ishita Kirar

ISBN: 9789390581122

384 pages

INR 395


Culinary means connected with cooking or kitchen and bakery a place where bread and cakes are made. Culinary and bakery is an art as well as a science, and mastery in baking kitchen allows the bakers to be creative in exploring new quality products from inconsistent ingredients and process conditions. This book gives a succinct account of the practical and theoretical knowledge, including methods and processes involved in the preparation of various products.


Part 1: Basic Commodities

1. Milk

2. Cream

3. Cheese

4. Butter

5. Flour

6. Shortenings (Fats & Oils)

7. Raising Agents

8. Thickening Agents

9. Sugar


Part 2: Bakery and Confectionery

10. Pastry Creams

11. Pastry

12. Icings & Toppings

13. Frozen Desserts

14. Chocolate

15. Breads

16. Meringues


Part 3: Recipe