Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control

Linda Caveney

ISBN: 9788126563630

312 pages

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INR 2995


Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control is a practical guide to infection surveillance and control in the veterinary setting. Outlining the steps for designing and implementing an infection control plan, the book offers information on both nosocomial infections and zoonotic diseases to aid the veterinary team in ensuring that veterinary practices and hospitals are safe for both the animal patients and their human caregivers. Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control provides guidelines to creating standard operating procedures for effective and efficient infection control in any veterinary practice.





1 What Is Infection Control and Biosecurity?  

2 Microbiology Review

3 "Links in the Chain" of Disease Transmission

4 Zoonotic Diseases

5 Disease Prevention Strategies

6 Guidelines for Effective Cleaning and Disinfection

7 Chemical Disinfectants

8 "Best Practice" Procedures Prior to Sterilization of Medical Equipment

9 Packaging, Preparation for Sterilization and Sterile Storage of Medical Equipment

10 High-Temperature Sterilization

11 Low-Temperature Sterilization

12 Processing of Complex Medical Equipment and Specialty Processing

13 Surgical Textiles, Linens and Laundry

14 Infection Control: The Surgical Environment and Ancillary Areas

Appendix A Medical Term Reference Information

Appendix B Common Concentrate Dilutions

Appendix C Table of Disease Transmission and Disinfection Guidelines

Appendix D Donning and Removal of a Surgical Gown