Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development

Howard Moskowitz

ISBN: 9788126551507

280 pages

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Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development is the first book to comprehensively address the issues of graphics design and visual concepts from a systematic, scientific viewpoint, yet with business applications in mind. The foundation has been laid with both basic research and applied points of view. The authors have positioned the book specifically for foods and beverages focusing on a coherent set of topics that is both familiar to the reader and novel in approach. Information and insights are presented in two ways. First, the authors assess current knowledge available in the literature for graphics and package research in the food industry, examining the commentary, insights and syntheses provided by the researchers.

Part I Methods, materials, mind-sets
•    A practitioner's guide to research or -- what you should know
•    Consumer packaging: Important functionally but not attitudinally
•    Starting at the beginning: Experimenting to discover what shape ‘wins'
•    Patterns in packages: Learning from many packages and many attributes
•    Â  A gentle introduction to the world of systematics
•    Identify what works by letting the competition do the work
•    Psychophysics and the issue of price / value

Part II Ideas and inspirations
•    Idea factories: Where do packaging (and other) ideas come from?
•    Defining the new package: Specifying the package at the concept level
•    What should my package say?
•    What concepts tell us versus what packages tell us for the same product --    Case history -- Pretzels
•    â€˜Closing in on the container'
•    Action & reality: Using video for the package experience

Part III Health and hope
•    Do labels make a difference?
•    Understanding Nutrition Labeling Case study -- ice cream
•    Healthy pasta: Nutritional labeling & the role of messages

Part IV Emotions and experience
•    Emotions and package design - coffee
•    Beyond the stimulus to the ‘experience'
•    Homo economicus rears its head
•    Which should I choose -- Packages on the shelf

Part V Temptations of technology
•    Response time
•    Combining eye tracking with experimental design
•    Taking stock