PCs for Dummies


Part I: Your Computer Will Not Explode

Chapter 1: A Painless Introduction to Computers

Chapter 2: The Nerd’s-Eye View

Chapter 3: PC Setup

Chapter 4: The Most Powerful Button (On-Off)

Chapter 5: Windows Rules

Part II: Computer Guts

Chapter 6: Mysteries of the Console

Chapter 7: Jacks on the Box

Chapter 8: Temporary Storage (Memory)

Chapter 9: Permanent Storage (Disks and Media)

Chapter 10: Glorious Graphical Goodness

Chapter 11: Input Buddies: Keyboard and Mouse

Chapter 12: The Printer’s the Thing

Chapter 13: Sounds Good

Chapter 14: Mighty Modems

Chapter 15: Positive PC Power Management

Part III: It’s a Digital Life

Chapter 16: Picture This

Chapter 17: PC TV

Chapter 18: The Digital Ear

Part IV: Networking and Internet-Working

Chapter 19: N Is for Networking

Chapter 20: I’ve Been Working on the Network

Chapter 21: Cowboy Dan’s Internet Roundup

Chapter 22: Flinging Files Freely

Chapter 23: Internet and PC Security

Part V: The Soft Side of Computing

Chapter 24: Files: The Key to Understanding Software

Chapter 25: Organizing Your Compu-Junk

Chapter 26: File Control

Chapter 27: Software, Programs, Applications

Chapter 28: Making Your Own Discs

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 29: Ten Common Beginner Mistakes

Chapter 30: Ten Things Worth Buying for Your PC

Chapter 31: Ten Tips from a PC Guru