Engineering Physics with Laboratory Manual

N.H. Ayachit, P.K. Mittal

ISBN: 9789389633252

520 pages

INR 425


The present book is designed for the first year engineering students.


Unit One: Modern Physics

  1. Black-body Radiation
  2. Photoelectric Effect and Compton Effect
  3. Wave Particle Dualism


Unit Two: Quantum Mechanics

  1. Quantum Mechanics


Unit Three: Electron Conductivity In Metals

  1. Electron Theory of Metals


Unit Four : Dielectric And Magnetic Properties Of Materials

  1. Dielectric Properties
  2. Magnetic Properties


Unit Five: Lasers

  1. Lasers and Holography


Unit Six: Optical Fibers & Superconductivity

  1. Superconductivity
  2. Fibre Optics

Unit Seven: Crystal Structure

  1. Crystal Structure
  2. Planes in Crystals
  3. Planes in Crystals


Unit Eight: Material Science

  1. Nanomaterials
  2. Ultrasonics


Laboratory Experiments