ESD Physics and Devices

Steven H. Voldman

ISBN: 9788126568581

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There is significant, and growing, interest in ESD phenenomena in advanced integrated devices and systems as a result of their increasing use within sub-micron scale, high circuit density technologies. This volume is designed as the first in a series of three books addressing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) physics, devices, circuits and design across the full range of integrated circuit technologies. ESD Physics and Devices provides a concise treatment of the ESD phenomenon and the physics of devices operating under ESD conditions. Voldman presents an accessible introduction to the field for engineers and researchers requiring a solid grounding in this important area.

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1. Electrostatics and Electro thermal Physics.

2. Electro thermal and Methods of Analysis ESD Models.

3. Semiconductor Device Physics and ESD.

4. Substrates and ESD.

5. Wells and Sub-collectors and ESD.

6. Isolation Technology and ESD.

7. Drain Engineering, Salicides and ESD.

8. Dielectrics and ESD.

9. Interconnects and ESD.

10. Silicon on Insulator (SOI) and ESD.

11. Silicon-Germanium and ESD.

12. Nanostructures and ESD.