Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 2ed

G.S. Sawhney

ISBN: 9789389698008

768 pages

INR 525


Written with the second-year engineering students of undergraduate level in mind, this well set out textbook explains the fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. Written in question-answer form, the book is precise and easy to understand. The book presents an exhaustive coverage of the theory, definitions, formulae and examples which are well supported by plenty of diagrams and problems in order to make the underlying principles more comprehensive. In the present second edition, the book has been thoroughly revised and enlarged.

Fluids: Definitions & Properties

  1. Pressure and Head
  2. Hydrostatic Forces
  3. Buoyancy and Floatation
  4. Fluid Masses Subjected to Acceleration
  5. Dimensional Analysis
  6. Similitude and Model Analysis
  7. Fluid Kinematics
  8. Fluid Dynamics-I
  9. Fluid Dynamics-II
  10. Laminar Flow
  11. Turbulent Flow
  12. Boundary Layer Analysis
  13. Flow Through Pipes and Compressibility Effects
  14. Ideal Fluid Flow
  15. Flow Past Submerged Bodies
  16. Question Papers




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