Introductory Nuclear Physics, 2ed

Samuel S.M. Wong

ISBN: 9788126546060

472 pages

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INR 995


Now fully revised and updated, this Second Edition explores the changing directions in nuclear physics, emphasizing new developments and current research-from superdeformation to quark-gluon plasma. Author Samuel S.M. Wong preserves those areas that established the First Edition as a standard text in university physics departments, focusing on what is exciting about the discipline and providing a concise, thorough, and accessible treatment of the fundamental aspects of nuclear properties.

Students and Professionals in Physics and Nuclear Physics.

Nucleon Structure.

Nuclear Force and Two-Nucleon Systems.

Bulk Properties of Nuclei.

Electromagnetic and Weak Interaction.

Nuclear Collective Motion.

Microscopic Models of Nuclear Structure.

Nuclear Reactions.

Nuclei Under Extreme Conditions.

Nuclear Astrophysics.

Nuclear Physics: Present and Future.